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A prosthesis is a field of dentistry where artificial teeth are replaced by missing teeth. Fixed or removable prostheses are made according to the number of missing teeth, locations of missing teeth and the condition of surrounding tissues. Both fixed and removable prosthesis can be made By performing the implant with accurate evaluation. A prosthesis must be performed shortly after tooth deficiencies occur. Because after the teeth have been lost, the remaining teeth may have gaps and elongations and may not be able to be corrected afterwards. Regular dentist checks after prostheses are very important.

Fixed prostheses are prostheses that cannot be removed by the patients and fixed to existing teeth. There are types of these. The physician decides which one to do. Crowns are applied to ruined teeth and, canal-treated teeth if necessary, while bridgeworks are performed to fill the gap in one or two tooth deficiencies. Crowns and bridgeworks are usually made using porcelain superstructure. Metal alloy or zirconium is used in its infrastructure. In the anterior region, only crowns made of porcelain can be made for aesthetic purposes (empres). The lamina performed only to the front surface of the teeth is also a fixed prosthesis. Since all fixed dentures cannot be removed, attention must be paid to clean them.

Removable prostheses are acrylic prostheses that patients can remove. In the selection of teeth in removable dentures, porcelain or acrylic teeth are optionally used in the front teeth and acrylic teeth in the back teeth. Removable prostheses can be made with dental or implant support. The precision attachment denture, which is applied to some teeth that clasps are invisible by making crowns, is called a precision-retained prosthesis. Total dentures are performed to patients who are completely toothless. If a complete toothless or partial toothless patient does not want to use a removable prosthesis and the jaw bone is suitable, these patients can be implanted and patients can use fixed dentures.

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