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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth are the third molars that placed in the oral cavity between 18-25 years. They are the most common teeth to be embedded in the jawbone or gingiva. In order to state cases where extraction is needed, infection of the surrounding gingiva, causes tooth caries or adjacent tooth caries, in the presence of melting at the root of the adjacent tooth, cysts or tumors in the vicinity, or to prevent their formation, in the vicinity of that area, in cases of unidentified pain, when the teeth compress and cause skew or in order to prevent skew may be occurred, wisdom teeth are extracted.

Wisdom teeth can be extracted at any age. Pain, swelling and bleeding that may occur after a wisdom teeth extraction depend on the degree of tooth burial. There is no need to extract wisdom teeth, which are properly replaced and can be easily provided for hygiene.

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