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Zirconium is a white, light transmissive metal. It is an alloy which is applied in fixed prosthesis, used as infrastructure of porcelain material, highly durable, has high biocompatibility and aesthetic success. It is a good alternative to metal supported fixed dentures, grey color does not occur in gingiva. The most important feature of this material is good light transmittance. This provides very good aesthetic results. It is the ideal dental crowning material that can be used easily in patients with metal allergy. The thermal conductivity of zirconium is low, does not make sensitivity to teeth.

It can be applied to both front and back teeth. It is suitable for single tooth crowning or bridgework dentures. Zirconium can also be applied on the implants. The selection of a tissue-friendly material against possible infections and the correct technique and diligence of the physician has made zirconium successful in implanted prostheses.

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